Past Events

Begin DateTitle
10/18/2019October Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)101819
10/15/2019October Book Club101519
10/11/2019October Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)101119
10/10/2019Opportunities in Hedge Funds in 2019101019
10/8/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: David Herro, CFA - Sold Out!100819
9/26/2019September Monthly Happy Hour092619H
9/24/2019Non-Traditional Careers for Charterholders (Members Only)092419
9/23/2019September Special Situations Research Forum (Members Only)092319SS
9/20/2019September Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)092019
9/19/2019Networking with Leadership (Members Only)091919
9/18/2019Vault Series: Cascade Compliance091819
9/17/2019September Book Club091719
9/17/2019POWER Breakfast: Sallie Krawcheck - Sold Out!09172019
9/13/2019September Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)091319
9/12/2019Investing in the New Space Race091219
9/10/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: Rob Brown091019
8/26/2019August Special Situations Research Forum - Cancelled082619SS
8/22/2019August Monthly Happy Hour082219H
8/20/2019August Book Club082019
8/20/2019Mental Skills: Get Your Head in the Game (Members Only)08202019
8/16/2019August Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)081619
8/14/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: David Booth081419
8/9/2019August Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)080919
8/8/2019ESG: Alternative Energy080819
7/30/2019EQ vs IQ: Becoming a Better Leader (Members Only) - Sold Out073019
7/24/2019Miami Marlins vs. Chicago White Sox - Sold Out072419
7/22/2019July Special Situations Research Forum (Members Only)072219SS
7/19/2019July Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)071919
7/17/2019Vault Series: CFRA071719
7/16/2019July Book Club071619
7/15/2019CFA Exam & Study Group Kickoff071519
7/12/2019July Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)071219
7/9/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: Vivien Azer070919
6/27/2019June Monthly Happy Hour062719H
6/26/2019Progressive Dinner - Oak Brook (Members Only) - Sold out!062619
6/24/2019June Special Situations Research Forum (Members Only)062419SS
6/21/2019June Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)062119
6/20/2019Annual Business Meeting (Members Only)062019
6/19/2019CFA Candidates' Post-Exam Party (Private Invitation Only)061919
6/18/2019June Book Club - Cancelled061819
6/18/2019WST: Intro To Python - Sold Out06182019
6/14/2019June Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)061419
6/13/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: Mike O'Grady061319
6/10/2019Building Relationship Equity: Carol Seymour061019
6/6/2019Summer Kickball060619
6/5/2019Impact Investing060519
6/4/2019Progressive Networking Luncheon060419
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