Past Events

Begin DateTitle
11/24/2020The Future of Oil & Gas112420
11/18/2020Capital Market Series - Private Debt111820
11/13/2020November Job Seekers Forum (Members Only)111320
11/12/2020Fall Forecast111220
11/4/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Ed Wehmer110420
10/22/2020October Monthly Happy Hour102220
10/20/2020Capital Markets Series - Private Markets102020
10/15/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Anthony Scaramucci101520
10/13/2020LinkedIn Strategies (Members Only)101320
10/9/2020October Job Seeker's Forum (Members Only)100920
10/7/2020Capital Markets Series – Public Allocations100720
9/29/2020POWER Series: Stephanie Cohen092920
9/24/2020September Monthly Happy Hour092420
9/22/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Liz Ann Sonders092220
9/17/2020Trivia with CFA Society Boston091720
9/16/2020Board/AG Orientation091620
9/11/2020September Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)091120
9/10/2020Chicago Investment Professionals Job Outlook (Members Only)091020
8/27/2020August Monthly Happy Hour08272020
8/19/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Suni Harford081920
8/14/2020August Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)081420
8/12/2020Annual Business Meeting (Members Only)081220
8/4/2020Speed Reading (Members Only)080420
7/23/2020July Monthly Happy Hour07232020
7/21/2020July Book Club - HOLD072120
7/15/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Roy Swan071520
7/14/2020Vault Series: Gov't Policy Tailwinds through 2020 - Canceled071420
7/14/2020Investment Trends Through a Diverse Lens063020
7/10/2020July Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)071020
7/2/2020CFA Institute: Race and Inclusion Now070220
6/25/2020June Monthly Happy Hour06252020
6/23/2020Job Search Strategies (Members Only)062320
6/12/2020June Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)061220
6/10/2020Fixed Income Management061020
6/8/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Cathie Wood060820
6/2/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Kristina Hooper060220
5/28/2020Progressive Networking Dinner - Downers Grove (Members Only)052820
5/28/2020May Monthly Happy Hour05282020
5/27/2020The Impact of the Fed on the Corporate Bond ETF Market052720
5/21/2020May Book Club -Cancelled052120
5/20/2020Gina Martin Adams, CFA, CMT052020
5/18/2020Moving Forward with the CFA Exams051820
5/14/2020Time Management: Locking Down Goals (Members Only)05142020
5/14/2020Vault Series: CHANGE Global Investment - Canceled051420
5/12/2020POWER Series: President Loretta J. Mester051220
5/8/2020May Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)050820
5/7/2020Managing Wealth Through a Pandemic050720
4/30/2020Bottle & Bottega Paint Night - Canceled043020
4/30/2020The Path to Recovery in a COVID-19 World04302020
4/23/2020April Monthly Happy Hour04232020
4/22/2020Modern Monetary Theory042220
4/21/2020April Book Club042120
4/20/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Mayor Lightfoot - Canceled042020
4/17/2020April Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)041020
4/2/2020Speed Reading Workshop (Members Only) - Canceled040220
4/1/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Roy Swan - Canceled040120
3/26/2020March Monthly Happy Hour - Canceled032620
3/26/2020Final Countdown to the June Exams! - Canceled03262020
3/23/2020March Special Situations Research Forum - Canceled032320SS
3/23/2020Investment Trends Through a Diverse Lens - Canceled032320
3/20/2020March Investment Exchange Forum - Canceled032020
3/20/2020Annual Career Fair (Members Only) - Canceled03202020
3/17/2020March Book Club031720
3/13/2020March Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)031320
3/12/2020Vault Series: Holistic Wealth Management - Canceled031220
3/11/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Rocky Wirtz031120
3/4/2020Progressive Networking Lunch (Members Only) - Sold Out!030420
3/3/2020WST: Intro To Python030320
2/28/2020CFA Institute Research Challenge: Chicago Competition022820
2/27/2020February Monthly Happy Hour022720
2/26/2020Industry Roundtables (Members Only)022620
2/25/2020Cannabis: Insights and Opportunities022520
2/21/2020February Investment Exchange Forum - Canceled022120
2/14/2020February Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)021420
2/13/2020Bullseye! Bad Axe Throwing021320
2/12/20202020 Annual Celebration (Private Invitation Only)021220
2/12/20202020 Annual Celebration Registration021220REG
2/11/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Alec Litowitz021120
2/11/2020DSS: Alec Litowitz Webcast021120WEB
2/4/2020POWER Breakfast: Stephanie Braming, CFA020420
1/28/2020Distinguished Speaker Series: Nancy Lazar012820
1/27/2020January Special Situations Research Forum012720
1/23/2020January Monthly Happy Hour012320
1/21/2020January Book Club012120
1/17/2020January Investment Exchange Forum - CANCELLED011720
1/15/2020SOFR: Life after LIBOR (Sold Out) Waitlist Available011520
1/14/2020improve it! Effective Communication Workshop (Members Only)011420
1/10/2020January Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)011020
1/9/2020Vault Series: MLPs and Energy Infrastructure010920
1/8/2020January Job Seeker's Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)010821
12/23/2019December Special Situations Research Forum - CANCELLED122319SS
12/20/2019December Investment Exchange Forum - CANCELLED122019
12/13/2019December Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)121319
12/12/2019CFA Exam & Study Group Information Session121219
12/11/2019WST: Advanced Financial Modeling121119
12/10/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: Bob Browne, CFA121019
12/5/2019Ugly Holiday Sweater Soiree120519
12/3/2019Interactive Empowerment Series Wrap-Up12032019
12/3/2019Professional Headshot Photo Session (Members Only)120319
11/25/2019November Special Situations Research Forum112519SS
11/23/2019Schweser Live Mock Exam (Level I Only)112319
11/20/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: Curt Bailey112019
11/19/2019November Book Club - CANCELLED111919
11/18/2019Transition Techniques 2019111819
11/15/2019November Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)111519
11/14/2019Vault Series: Biotech111419
11/8/2019November Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)110819
11/7/2019SAVE THE DATE - Annual Dinner 2019110719
11/7/2019Annual Dinner 2019 - Sold Out!11072019
10/28/2019October Special Situations Research Forum (Members Only)102819SS
10/25/2019Research Challenge: Company Presentation102519
10/24/2019October Monthly Happy Hour102419H
10/18/2019October Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)101819
10/15/2019October Book Club101519
10/11/2019October Job Seekers Forum 10 and Under (Members Only)101119
10/10/2019Opportunities in Hedge Funds in 2019101019
10/8/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: David Herro, CFA - Sold Out!100819
9/26/2019September Monthly Happy Hour092619H
9/24/2019Non-Traditional Careers for Charterholders (Members Only)092419
9/23/2019September Special Situations Research Forum (Members Only)092319SS
9/20/2019September Investment Exchange Forum (Members Only)092019
9/19/2019Networking with Leadership (Members Only)091919
9/18/2019Vault Series: Cascade Compliance091819
9/17/2019September Book Club091719
9/17/2019POWER Breakfast: Sallie Krawcheck - Sold Out!09172019
9/13/2019September Job Seekers Forum 10 and Over (Members Only)091319
9/12/2019Investing in the New Space Race091219
9/10/2019Distinguished Speaker Series: Rob Brown091019
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